Company Introduction

Constant challenge and passion to lead the pharmaceutical market

Based on specialized manpower and technology, JW Euvipharm Joint Stock Company is concentrating to provide reasonable price and high quality products in the pharmaceutical market for the health of the people

Production of high quality pharmaceuticals in various formulations

We supply high-quality pharmaceutical products in various formulations ranging from different tablets, capsules, ointments, oral liquids and powder injections, based on our high technologies and trained personnel system, in order to meet the demand in the global market.

Introduction of competitive medicines by connecting with JW GROUP

JW Euvipharm J.S.C is striving to introduce competitive medicines with the accumulated technology and manpower, along with JW Group. We are responding to market changes by introducing excellent pharmaceuticals, which will lead the Vietnamese market, and other products whose effectiveness has already been proven in the overseas markets, and also other new innovative drugs.